Maintenance FAQ's


    I think I have a leak in my pool. What is the normal evaporation rate for my pool?

    Swimming pools evaporate at different rates depending on many factors such as humidity, water temperature, wind and aerating, devices such as spa spillovers, waterfalls and fan sprays. The average evaporation rate for a swimming pool is approximately 1/4" per day.


    My filter is leaking, what can I do?

    Make sure the o-ring and the inside lip of the filter is clean. The o-ring must be lubricated regularly with Teflon or a silicone based lubricant.


    I see air through the clear lid on my pump, is it not priming all the way?

    If you look at the pool and see it circulating, your pump is operating properly. The pump has a basket with a check valve flap in it that prevents the water from flowing backwards through the system when a solar heating system has been installed. This design is to protect the pump, but will sometimes cause a bubble to be trapped under the pump lid. This is not a defect, and does not indicate a problem with the pool pump.


    My pool is making a gurgling sound or seems to stop and start by itself, what should I do?

    The water level might be too low. The ideal water level should be in the middle of the waterline tile. The second problem could be the pool skimmer may be turned up too high. There is a valve with a handle just before the clear dome lid of the pump. The handle portion should be facing the main drain suction pipe labeled 'MD' or 'Main Drain'. The opposite side of the handle says 'OFF', that should be covering the skimmer suction pipe by 70%-80%. This valve adjustment allows most of the water to be drawn from the main drains or the bottom of the pool, which allows optimum filtration and heating.


    My pool seems to have some staining or discoloration - what does this mean?

    Exposed aggregate finishes such as Krystal Krete have a natural variation in hue and tone. This natural variation is designed to enhance the look of the pool and make it look more natural. As with any pool surgace there is no way to guarantee staining will not occur. Proper water chemistry is the best way to prevent or reduce staining. If you have staining you can go to for excellent advice on stain prevention and removal. If you have a problem with the Krystal Krete interior of your pool you may contact the manufacturer: C.L. Industries. The contact information is on your warranty card - or you can contact Holiday Pools for more information.


    How often should I clean/replace my filter element?

    Your filter should be cleaned about every 3 weeks. Once every 3 months it is a good idea to soak the filter in a cartridge cleaner (available at most pool supply stores) which will remove oils and debris imbedded in the element. The filter element should be replaced yearly or sooner if need.


    My vacuum hose won't fit in the skimmer hole?

    The Jacuzzi magnum pump moves water at a much higher rate than most pumps in the industry. If you forced the vacuum hose into the hole competely, the suction or vacuum created by the pump would be so great the vacuum head would stick to the bottom of the pool floor making it difficult or impossible to vacuum. The design of the skimmer accomadates for this by allowing a portion of water to bypass the vacuum hose. When the main drain is closed and all the water is forced through the skimmer the suction should hold the vacuum hose to the hole while vacuuming the pool.


    Does my pool have an automatic overflow?

    In some instances there may be an overflow pipe in the skimmer, but in most cases this is not practical as it provides an entry point for snakes, lizards, and insects to enter your pool. When this is the case, we install a hose bib at the bottom of the filter where a garden hose can be attached so when opened up with the pump on the pool can be drained to wherever the hose is directed.


    Why is the skimmer lid difficult to remove?

    When the skimmer lid is hard to get on or off, clean the lip of the collar where the lid sits.


    How do I turn my spa on?

    If you have an Air Force II you puch the air button near the spa in the following sequence:

    • First push of the button turns the pump on (if not already on) and isolates the spa drawing water and returning it to the spa, and turns on the heater.
    • Second push of the spa button turns on the blower/aerator.
    • Third push turns the pump and heater off but leaves the blower/aerator on (if the filter is past its normal shut off time). If the pool is still in the middle of the filtration cycle, the third push of the button will not have effect.
    • Fourth push of the button returns the system to normal pool operation mode. NOTE: By pushing the button to turn the spa on you bypass the timer, so if the sequence is not completed by depressing the button the fourth time the pump will run continuously.