Our Process


    Check out our video - Building A Pool In 30 Days



    Pool Design

    We provide our clients with the latest in design innovation by offering 3D drawings. This incredibly realistic rendering allows you to see all the elements of your pool design.


    At this stage you can make revisions and improvemnts as you see fit. Upon approval of your design we then layout a detailed engineered drawing and begin the layout process.




    This stage is the second in construction of your new pool. We take the dimensions of your pool design and engineeered drawings, and then lay it out on the proposed site area.






    Once the layout stage is complete we proceed by excavating the grass, and underlying soil to prepare the site for construction.





    Form and Steel

    Just as steel and wood are used to form a solid foundation for your home; it is also used to form the shape of your pool.







    A team of our experienced personnel apply the gunite using state of the art high pressured machinery to "shoot" the tough inner shell of your new pool.




    Grade and Plumbing

    With the concrete shell in place the deck is graded and compacted using two diffrent methods reducing risk of concrete cracking. Plumbing is then installed and pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks.





    Brick and Tile

    Pool design has a wonderful variety available of natural stones, tiles, slates, ceramics and mosaics. The pool coping can be crafted out of an assortment of materials. 




    Deck Topping

    This is the perimeter surrounding your pool. There are also a variety of surfaces that can be implemented here based on your design. If the flocrete standard decking is chosen, texture is added to concrete before the color is applied. If pavers or travertine are being used our paver crew will install.  This is also the stage when we create any additional features such as outdoor fireplaces, firepits, kitchens and more.



    Pool and Electrical Equipment

    The equipment is now installed on the equipment pad along with any optional pump features chosen by the homeowner.





    An aluminum cage is installed.





    Applying plaster is a complex yet easy process. The material is trialled onto the gunite by a quick, experienced crew to ensure a smooth, beautiful finish. Our trained staff fills the pool immendiatly to cure the finish and thoroughly brush the pool to ensure the smoothest surface possible. 


    Child Safety Barrier

    If chosen, baby barrier or alarms are installed.


    Pool School

    After your pool is completed, one of our certified technicians will conduct "Pool School" to educate you on the proper care and maintenance of your pool. This will provide many years of trouble free operation so you can relax and enjoy your new pool.