Pool Maintenance Tips


    Maintenance (Cleaning & Chemical Balance) Tips



    Brush the interior pool surface once a week. (include walls, floor, steps and bench)

    Test your chemical readings to the following industry recommendations:

    • Free Chlorine 1 – 3 ppm
    • pH 7.6 – 7.8
    • Total Alkalinity 90 -120 ppm

    Check the water level and add if needed. Water level should be maintained approximately ½ way up the skimmer opening



    Clean your filter with a high pressure nozzle on a garden hose. (The cartridge is a wearable item and it is recommended to replace every twelve months.

    Test these chemical readings to the following industry recommendations)

    1. Calcium Hardness Recommended 250-300 ppm
    2. Sequestraint Agent Recommended 10 - 14 ppm
    3. Cyanuric Acid Recommended 30 - 80 ppm
    4. Phosphate Level Recommended 200 ppb or less